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The Chronicles of ShadowFox
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Monday, August 28th, 2017
8:20 pm
No more questions.
Got rained out again today so one of the things I did was head to the state fair. While walking by the GOP pavilion I saw that they had a big banner that said "Growth and Opportunity Party". Thanks guys, I needed a laugh. Decided to stop in and see what they were doing when I saw that a local radio personality was having a Q&A with some US House candidates. Sat down in the audience while they did ran through a typical list of election time softball boilerplate.

Then something unexpected happened. The radio guy said "We're gonna open it up to some audience questions now." Oh goodie.

First was a guy giving the contractual "You gonna repeal Obamacare?" question which really worried me that it was all an act with plants. But next was a kid with a Libertarian pin on his backpack asking about foreign aid. Oooohhh, this IS real after all! Guess who's gonna be next?

Turns out next was a WOT vet asking about Iraq but then came me. I told them to forgive me not knowing who they all were as I hadn't been in Minnesota that long and said the question was just for the incumbents then asked:

"Did any of you vote against Ryan continuing his speakership?"

The candidate who had the response mic just shoved it into the hands of the candidate next to him without even lookin at the guy.

Him: "Ummm, well I can see why he passed the mic over to me but none of us are actually incumbents."
Me: "Will any of you vote against Ryan continuing his speakership?"

At this point all of them looked like they rather be in Iraq but he proceeded to say that he didn't like the direction Ryan was going in but that that was "something for 2018", "we're not even elected yet", "maybe he'll change" but that if he didn't he wouldn't support Ryan.

To his credit the guy next actually had the balls to say he would support Ryan. The other 2 just phumphered about having to win the election first, gotta keep the majority, see how things are going, ect with the last one actually having the pert to ask me to donate to his campaign. I replied "We'll see."

(I wanted to but didn't say "Bring me the heads of McConnell and Ryan on a stake and I'll donate to all of you.")

At that point the Q&A ended.
Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017
7:03 pm
Back in black
Did it. Finally got rid of the last of the 5k+ debt I racked up making it until work started again. Everything from this point is the start of winter savings.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017
4:50 pm
Update: No longer F'd, just really inconvienced.
I called up the place I have my truck loan from to try and work with them this morning. Turns out the payment had processed before the credit card stuff so thankfully that's off my back for another month.

The landlord is willing to work with me so hopefully I can pay him over the next 2 weeks instead of taking a cash advance off my card. I'm just going to have to make some 1 time donations to my patreon people some time in the future.

All the while that debt I'm floating on the card will be grinding interest. Oh well, can't fix everything at once.
Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
6:58 pm
Thursday, April 20th, 2017
3:21 pm
Saturday, April 15th, 2017
7:11 am
Latin....more latin....ALL the latin.
"You want the old school Catholic experience eh? Here ya go!"

Yeaaahh. Stations plus Good Friday communion service...almost 4 hours.
Friday, April 14th, 2017
8:06 am
The wood of the cross.
One of my favorite church songs for this Good Friday.
Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
9:20 am
He's still a man.
I was listening to a recent edition of Quite Frankly (subscribe!) when the topic of papal infallibility came up. (Disclaimer: The channel is very "pro-cannabis".)

Frank, a lot of people have a misunderstanding of this topic. Personally I think that misunderstanding has been intentionally spread and muddied by various anti-religious elements throughout the years. The main error that has been spread about it is its scale which in reality is VERY limited.

The pope is only covered by the doctrine of infallibility when he is definitively teaching on a doctrine of the faith. When Pope Paul VI put out his encyclical Humanae vitae he was protected from teaching untruths within it. When Pope Francis says that any contractor who works on the border wall are "traitors to their motherland" he's just a dude giving his wholly human opinion. If a pope says he prefers Coke over Pepsi it's not divine revelation, it just a dude and his opinion because he's not definitively teaching a doctrine of the faith.

This is much the same as how whenever a Supreme Court justice says something when away from the bench out in their day to day lives it doesn't carry the force of legal precedent. A justice can say anything they want as forcefully as they want but it doesn't mean anything if they're not ruling on a case. Papal infallibility works very similarly. The pope isn't "on" 24/7 and not everything he says is canon law.

The people at Catholic Answers are much more educated on these things than I am though and they put out more thorough explanation I'll link below.
Catholic Answers: Papal Infallibility
Saturday, April 1st, 2017
8:35 pm
I wasn't in a bath when this revelation struck but in the shower.

For some unknown reason the Lord has blessed me with skills in the dark arts of marketing. I know marketing when I see it.

Most hotels you go into these days try to guilt trip you into reusing towels and sheets if you're going to be there any length of time. This of course has zero to do with saving da erf, it's marketing. For the longest time though the thing that's escaped was...what's the angle? Practically every chain does it from high end to roach.

My working hypothesis for most of this time has been cost. But it never really felt right. The cost of the water is ultimately negligible. If it wasn't and was about 'da erf' they'd be trying to guilt you into short showers too but none of them are. The cost of electricity for running the machines is also negligible. But it's got to be the money. They wouldn't all be pushing this so hard without it saving or making them money. But then it hit me...

It IS about the money! It's about the #1 cost for almost any business, wages.

They're pushing this so the maids take less time servicing rooms and less hours in the laundry washing things. This especially makes sense when you consider Obama era benefit mandates for employees over 30 hours (aka the reason you're all limited part time now). So when you reuse that towel you're not saving da erf, you're cutting 5 minutes off Consuela's time card.
Thursday, March 30th, 2017
9:57 pm
Under pressure.
The following is a continuation of this tweet. Based on a true story.

Get to town miles off the interstate.
Gas station doesn't exist. Apple Maps fail.


Attempt to BS way into grain elevator scale.
This action requires a skill check.
Modifier: Driving Pickup
Modifier: Childhood in small country town.
Action successful.
Crisis averted.

Stupid Apple Maps.
Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
7:55 pm
40 days in the Hole.
*looks at calendar for 5th time this week*

Lent over yet? No? Oh....
Saturday, February 18th, 2017
9:45 pm
*bangs head against wall*

We've survived bad popes before.
We've survived bad popes before.
We've survived bad popes before.

Francis: Muslim terrorism does not exist.
Friday, December 30th, 2016
4:07 pm
Employment fun.
So, here's what has had me distracted the last few days not to mention having me getting about 4 hours of sleep a night.

Minnesota has screwed me, hard. My job is a seasonal one. During the work season I (ideally) work intensively (6 day/50-70 hour weeks) and around late November/early December I get seasonal layoff. This qualifies me for unemployment. I don't really feel bad about taking it either as I pay more in taxes than some people make. It was going to make all the difference this winter too because due to the shitty year we had my winter savings were less than 1/4 what they were end of year last year.

The last few years I filed in North Dakota because that's where I'd been working. This year though I had to file in Minnesota because our entire work year was in the Twin Cities. When I was filing over the phone the person helping me had to send me a form to sign and asked my address which I told them. (Out in Utah where I'm visiting family during the off season.)

Even though we got released the last week of November, I couldn't file until the second week of December because you have to wait 365 days from the last time you filed. So I get the determination paperwork in the mail and they say I'm "indefinitely ineligible" because I'm "not within commuting distance of the workplace".

It's irrelevant to them that we CAN'T do earthwork when the ground is frozen and that we won't be getting recalled for months. It's already been a month without paychecks and I've been using those limited savings to come west and live off.

This leaves me in a real shit situation. It's not really possible to go back to the Twin Cities for the rest of the off season to collect it there. I gave up the place I was renting and again due to the lacking of work this year, the UE payment would be 2/3rd the normal I got before. It'd be cutting coupons just to make ends meet and again, I don't have a place to go back to right now.

So I have 2 main courses of action.

First, trying to get something, ANYTHING to make some money temporarily here while I wait for the construction season to start again. I've been looking to leave my current employer anyway because they've been going downhill fast. There's a massive federal project looking to start whenever the eco-religionists run out of stalling lawsuits in Fargo, ND. It's a major flood control project in addition to a 25-30 mile bypass loop around Fargo/Morehead. A good 5-6 years of high paying work. But that's at least 3-4 months away.

Second, try to find permanent work here. Problem is "here" is over an hour from the greater SLC area in a small town. There's probably more work in SLC proper but even though things don't "stop" here, they've slowed down to life support levels because of winter.

Going back 'over the road' isn't an option. You run your ass off for no money and it isn't getting any better. As it stands, I have enough money to last 1.5 to 2 months before I'm flat broke. Getting temp work is iffy because A:small town and B:who's going to hire someone for 2 months?

I've begun to do some online searching but due to the holiday it's half pointless until after Jan 2nd anyway. Luckily I'm staying with family currently so at least room and board aren't immediate worries. Ongoing expenses though will close the gap soon.

My life. Woo.
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Saturday, December 24th, 2016
9:35 pm
Monday, December 19th, 2016
2:23 pm
#Pray For ___, Jeus suis ____, etc
We need an image of this fellow waving from around a corner with the caption "Miss me yet?"

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
4:34 pm
La la la....
I freaking love Mayhem.

Thursday, November 10th, 2016
5:16 pm
The truth of the shutdown.
This wall of text is for Joey.

To start, there was nothing 'illegal' about the shutdowns. Congress has many things they're supposed to do but there is no enforcement mechanism outside of the ballot box. If anything 'illegal' really occurred it was that starting with the Democrat super majority in Congress following Obama's election, for 7 of his 8 years they never passed a budget. For nearly his entire presidency the government has operated on "continuing resolutions" which is legalese for "we agree to keep spending all the money we were spending plus any new spending we just inserted in this CR". What the shorthand of that? Pork de pork de porkiddy pork pork. While this was mainly abused by the Democrats, both sides were keen to maintain this arrangement. It came with the added bonus that every year, "just coincidental" approaching the Christmas recess, the CR would expire and they'd need to pass an "emergency spending bill" to fill the gap. "We can't debate this or take the time to pass a real budget...because emergency!!...and shutdown!!1!" The 'shutdown' was them using the Senate's "unlimited debate" clause (aka filibustering) to hold up a vote on the latest CR.

The only reason Benedict Arnold Paul Ryan allowed a budget resolution to come up in late 2014 was to provide cover to RINO whores up for election so they wouldn't have to answer their constituents question: "Why aren't you defunding Obamacare now that we gave you the House and Senate?!?"

That said let me move on the more salient point. A government shutdown, as you understand it:


65% of the outlays of the federal government of the United States fall into the category of "Mandatory Spending". That money is automatically allocated and can not be even adjusted without major legislation. Whether or not Congress is in session or out, passes a budget or not or even if they're all dead, that money gets spent.

That means Social Security checks still go out. Air Traffic Controllers still have to go to work. The military can't quit and schools and colleges still run.

6% of the budget is simply to service interest on our growing national debt. Fun fact: The Obama Administration has added more to the national debt than all the spending of the federal government...for the entire history of our country...combined.

The remaining approx 29% of the budget is classified as "Discretionary Spending" This is the part Congress can monkey with. Keep in mind though that during the alleged "government shutdown" departments and personal deemed "essential" STILL get their money. After nearly 240 years of bureaucracy, how many of the functionaries in that 29% do you think have managed to get themselves declared 'essential'? So in the end we're talking about a handful of government workers who stayed home during the shutdown and EVEN THEN they got all their back-pay for the missed days of work when the new CR was passed.

So in the end, a minuscule number of bureaucrats ended up getting essentially a paid vacation. That was the "national emergency that must be avoided at all cost" that was a "government shutdown". The only reason the parks were closed during the shutdown was because Obama ordered it. They still had all their money. It was simply a fit Obama had at Republicans daring to say "No" to him. Yet as WWII veterans were physically barred from walking around their open air memorial during the shutdown, the National Mall was opened..for an illegal alien amnesty rally. As armed guards literally stopped D-Day vets from seeing their memorial, the National Mall was opened, security provided, podiums and power provided and cleanup afterwards for people who illegally entered our country.

I can only think of 3 real world scenarios where a 'government shutdown' as you have understood it could even occur.

1. The president declares martial law and orders the military to shoot anyone approaching a government building.
2. A nationwide civil war breaks out. (Even then it would just be slowed, not stopped.)
3. A full strategic thermonuclear strike on America.

/Wall of text.

We might be on different sides but I LIVE politics. If you ever have questions about this stuff feel free to ask because I probably know, in detail, the answer.
Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
10:07 am
Happy Trails
Time to ride off into that Neocon sunset George Will.
Friday, October 21st, 2016
3:09 pm
The wrath of Zeus
Soros gets doxxed. Most of social media goes down in massive DDOS. Pure coincidence I'm sure.
Monday, September 26th, 2016
7:17 pm
Dear Extroverts: Stop forcing me to be a dick.
Saw this article retweeted and decided to read it. I read it even though I'm apparently psychic and already knew what it would say.

I'm about damn tired of extroverts constant need to imply that introverts aren't different, they're broken. "You'd be more of an extrovert if you'd just try." "Your not wanting to do this makes you look antisocial." It's as if the very idea that not everyone gets amped up by high energy social exchange is anathema. But they just keep forcing the issue of immersion. It's like the little kid who keeps poking a cat until inevitably it turns around and swipes them. Then they run off crying as if the cat did something wrong!

You like doing stuff? Great! I've got a idea of something we can do and there's no limit to how many people can take part. It's called "quietly enjoying a book". Oh, I'll be taking your smartphone too. Don't worry though, I'll keep it powered up and visible so that you're keenly aware of every alert. Consider it the 'blasting stereo system' of introversion. No, we can't "turn down" the level of you not interacting with your smart phone. Can't you see what a good time everyone is having? Why do you want to put a damper on that? What's wrong with you, just like, try an relax for a change.

Being an ISTJ I can force myself to do a lot because of the helpful compulsion we feel when it comes to things relating to tradition/social norms. You know what else I can force myself to do? Get shots and exercise. Doesn't mean I enjoy them, just that I can do it without seeming weird. I can't imagine the personal hell that must be experienced by other introverted types who lack the force of will inherent to ISTJs.

There is something that's true about me though that I'm guessing is also true about many introverts. Something that probably drives exotros up the wall. Yes, I can be more open/upbeat/interactive...and that is reserved for close, personal friends. Am I not suggesting activities/striking up small talk/being excessively upbeat? I'm sorry Sir/Madame, those facilities are reserved for our Platinum Level members. No your "I just met you/I only know you from work" Super Saver+ card does not make you a Platinum member or even a Gold one.

TL/DR Extro version: We're not broke, stop trying to fix us and maybe take an extra 5 seconds to get to know who we really are. ***hole.
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